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Give Kenyan kids access to digital education

MoMo was founded in 2021 by Julia Strijland in collaboration with Sarah Wanjira, who has set up a trust organisation in Kenya. MoMo Education by Sister Schools Foundation offers schools a two-year digital educational exchange program for pupils in the age groups 10-12, 13-15 and 16-18 years between schools on both sides of the wealth divide. Pupils get a broader perspective on reality and a better grip on their environment by exchanging information, knowledge and experiences between pupils of a different socio-economic and cultural background. The sister relationship between the schools is facilitated through the Digital Educational Exchange Platform (DEEP). There are exchange moments with the teachers prior to each lesson block with 3 lesson blocks of 6 weeks per year. Core product MoMo Education; an international educational exchange program aimed at intercultural collaboration between pupils with a different socio-economic and cultural background, for sustainable development. Mission: MoMo emphasises the common interest of equality of opportunity in education. Based on its commitment to this interest, MoMo strives to be a driving and innovative force that contributes to a sustainable development of the learning environment of pupils. To this end, the foundation sets up digital educational exchange and development projects. Strengthening mutual cooperation between pupils and connecting different living environments are the means to reach our mission. Vision: in an interconnected world, in which people and countries depend on each other, MoMo believes learning to collaborate across cultural and socio-economic differences is key. As an ethical, critical and open learning network organisation of schools, MoMo together with other stakeholders, offers international learning resources and creates new learning spaces. Learning Objectives & Outcomes: Putting English & Creative Communication Skills into Practice Increasing Digital Literacy & Media Literacy Clarifying democratic culture; Freedom and Equality & Power and Participation Exploring Identity, Diversity, Inclusion, Solidarity & Equal Opportunity Implementing Sustainability, Globalisation & Technological Citizenship Setting up intercultural collaborations between schools and pupils Lifelong Learning through community projects (with parents) & Teacher Training Core Competencies : Skills for engaged thinkers: critical thinking and problem solving, creativity and innovation; Skills for ethical citizens: social responsibility, cultural, global and environmentally aware, (intercultural) communication; Skills for action-oriented and entrepreneurial action: integrity, digital literacy, lifelong learning and personal leadership, (intercultural) collaboration, adaptability. MoMo’s Core Values Equal opportunity for youth and children worldwide; Respect for human rights; Ownership, Leadership and Communication; Transparency

ANBI status

About us

Reward Policy
Sister Schools Plan
Code of conduct

Name of ANBI
Stichting Sister Schools

RSIN/Fiscal number

Chamber of Commerce number

Sarphatistraat 97-3
1018GA Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Phone: +31-6-22920574



Sister Schools Board Protocol
Supervisory Board
Collins Lidede – Finance LinkedIn
Etienne Spierts –Chair LinkedIn
Jordy Johannes – Finance & Control LinkedIn
Cilia Born – Member LinkedIn
Fatumah Nakayiza – Member Linkedin

According to the statutes, ‘’Sister Schools has the objective to stimulate worldwide awareness and cooperation by enabling authentic, intercultural Project Based Learning (PBL) experiences. Students from all over the world can use the Sister Schools program connecting and communicating during school time, learning from each other through exchanging experiences, thoughts and beliefs/ideas, values ​​and culture. 

Pupils are trained in twenty-first century skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving learning, digital skills and intercultural collaboration and- communication. 

The second goal is to give more children in developing countries the opportunities for (digital) education. Digital learning spaces will be facilitated in schools, which otherwise would not have those resources. Through supporting the local schools, we support the achievement of all Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s)  mainly to make quality education accessible to all children and to perform anything related to or conducive thereto. 

The members of the (Supervisory) Board of Sister Schools do not receive any remuneration, neither directly nor indirectly, for the activities they carry out. They are, however, entitled to reimbursement of the costs incurred by them within the performance of their position and approved by the executive board. These reimbursements are made clear and are further elucidated in the annual report. The reward for directors and other employees is determined by the Supervisory Board in accordance with guidelines of the Goede Doelen Nederland.

Detailed information is available in the Year plan 2023 of Sister Schools, as approved by the Supervisory Board. An overview of main carried out activities per year can be found in our Year reports

Momo Education by Sister Schools Foundation expects all of its managers, employees, team members and local partner organisations to act in accordance with the Code of Conduct.
Financial reporting
Sister Schools Annual Review includes the financial annual report, yearly financial statements are published on the website.
Privacy and cookie policy
Cookie Policy (EU)
Privacy Statement (EU)

Our Vision & Mission

Mission and Vision

Our mission and vision are in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals 4, 10 & 17. Through cooperation and partnerships we offer access to quality (digital) education and give equal opportunities for the development of children worldwide.

Key Values

Respect for human rights, open and investigative approach towards innovation, compassion & empathy; inclusion & diversity, and transparency in our financial & organisational systems.

Core Activity

Sister Schools connects youth to create positive change by offering primary and secondary schools a two-year digital educational exchange program for pupils in the age groups 10-12, 13-15 and 16-18 years.

Sub Activities

We offer Project development & support for local development projects around the schools.
We support schools in the field of digitisation & building digital educational rooms. We organise ‘training the teachers’ & ‘training the volunteers’.

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