Give Kenyan kids access to digital education

“Education is the the most powerful weapon to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela

MoMo Method

Our 2 year educational programs connect pupils (age: 10-12, 13-15, 16-18) from different socio-economic backgrounds and help them develop skills, attitudes & knowledge for the 21st century by addressing local problems. All learners will:

*Become Engaged Thinkers: Critical thinking and problem solving, Creativity and Innovation.

*Become Ethical Citizens: Social Responsibility, Cultural, Global and Environmental Awareness, Communication.

Inclusion, diversity and equity

MoMo connects to build relationships, understanding and compassion between people from different backgrounds.

Lifelong learning opportunities

With our Local Learning Communities (LLC´s) MoMo creates lifelong learning opportunities, working together on local community projects.

Citizenship education

In a globalized world participation of our young citizens will help find solutions for wicked problems.

Quality Education for all

Should all kids have the opportunity to get access to quality education, regardless of where they are born.

Connecting Schools and Communities

Digital Educational Exchange Platform (DEEP)

MoMo’s Community is strongly connected in their efforts to connect schools worldwide. MoMo Education is being offered by the Sister Schools foundation and is making use of a Digital Educational Exchange Platform (DEEP). Here assignments and (multimedia) files are exchanged and teachers and students connect through video conference and chat.

Understanding different perspectives

In a globally connected and digital educational learning environment knowledge, experiences and views are exchanged between pupils of the Sister Schools network. Staff, volunteers, stakeholders and the board of Sister Schools are shaping a learning network organization that promotes educational innovation on a global scale. The shared dream of creating equal opportunities in education and consequently combatting inequality, is of vital importance for many children. 

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