Give Kenyan kids access to digital education

Our Offers

MoMo offers an innovative method for intercultural primary & secondary education

Pupils are offered a digital exchange with peers from a sister school in another continent for 2 years, in three blocks of 6 weeks per year. By exchanging knowledge, skills and attitudes, they gain a broader perspective on reality and a better grip on their environment. There are exchange moments with the teachers before each lesson block.

MoMo collaborates with Schools, Volunteers and Partner Organisations


Schools receive a tailor-made educational program, with the following (learning) objectives:

  • Practical English & Creative Communication Skills 
  • Increasing Digital Literacy & Media Literacy
  • Clarifying democratic culture; Freedom and Equality & Power and Participation
  • Exploring Identity, Diversity, Inclusion, Solidarity & Equal Opportunity
  • Implementing Sustainability, Globalisation & Technological Citizenship
  • Setting up intercultural collaborations between schools and students
  • Lifelong Learning through community projects (with parents) & Teacher Training
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We are offering the opportunity to create a positive impact and be a significant force for education rights. With exposure to different countries, cultures and realities, together we create a Professional Learning Network Organisation. Connect with our existing team (link to volunteers page)  

People working with MoMo enjoy a range of exciting benefits. We truly value our volunteers who contribute to the foundation’s exciting strategy and purpose as well as develop professional and personal skills. We empower our volunteers by giving them personal leadership skills, promoting autonomy and transparency. You will be working in self-managed expertise groups, together with volunteers from all over the world!

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Partner Organisations & Donors

To organisations (profit or non-profit) MoMo offers the possibility to exchange expertise and time with MoMo in specific projects which we can shape together. With a relatively small investment you can make a huge difference and we will create impact together.

MoMo is a movement for education through a network of organisations who work together. The quality and dignity of our societies depends on how we educate our youth.

We are looking for professionals in the field of:

  • Marketing
  • Acquisition (for schools)
  • Fundraising & project proposal writing
  • Media Professionals
  • Logistic planners (for equipping our sister schools with computers/laptops)
  • Platform Developers

We offer our international expertise in crowdfunding, corporate actions and creative team building, marketing and PR and offer trainings/workshops/presentations in:

  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)
  • Storytelling for Impact
  • Educational Innovation & internationalization

You don’t have time to commit to our organization now? No problem!

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