Give Kenyan kids access to digital education

MoMo Exchange Projects

MoMo Projects are intercultural educational projects between pupils from schools with different socio-economic backgrounds to improve the living- and learning circumstances of the pupils.

In Kenya, just like in the Netherlands, the educational system and content is constantly changing. In our times there is a need for global citizenship education in connection with the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN. Being in contact with other cultures brings new perspectives for our pupils.

Digital Rooms for Secondary Schools

2nd & 3rd grade Berlage Lyceum (460 pupils) connect with 4 Secondary schools in Kenya; Gida Gadi (70 pupils), Gisambai (70 pupils), Highway (300 pupils) & St. Elizabeth (30)

At this moment a crowdfunding is active and can be found here

Enrich the Living and Learning Environment of Pupils

Spring High (20 pupils)  in Amsterdam Nieuw West will start an exchange project with the Kibera Girls Soccer Academy (KGSA) in Nairobi (20 pupils). Together with the The Imelda Institute (Brussels) they will align the MoMo Education methodology with the specific needs of the schools and their neighborhoods. They will form a small-scale partnership (Erasmus+ Exchange Programme) between the teachers of the schools (6 teachers , three from both schools).The main challenges in big cities all over the world are the same. Together with the pupils we will make positive changes to the learning- and living environment of many. More info here

Water is a Basic Need for Education

De Verwondering (primary education) (30 pupils) in Monnickendam is having an exchange project with St. Andrews in Mwingi, Kenya (100 pupils)since 2020. They have worked on two projects since then: an exhibition about each other’s schools and a crowdfunding project in order to buy a water truck. Water is the blue gold and scarce in Mwingi. More info here

Connected Schools