Give Kenyan kids access to digital education

MoMo Exchange Projects

At MoMo Education, we’re working with Local Learning Communities to improve the learning environment in various schools in Kenya. Through a baseline study, we’re developing participatory projects that these communities will implement, monitor, and evaluate in collaboration with DEEP Kenya. Our team of coordinators will guide schools in four regions (Nairobi, Kitui, Vihiga & Maasai Mara), supporting subject matter and digital classroom maintenance. By empowering local communities to take ownership of their learning, we aim to create sustainable change and promote international digital exchanges.

Digital Rooms for Secondary Schools

The crowdfunding supported by the Berlage Lyceum (460 STUDENTS) made it possible to supply 4 secondary schools with digital rooms last year; Gida Gadi (70 STUDENTS), Gisambai (70 STUDENTS), Highway (300 STUDENTS) & St. Elizabeth (30). This year we will be able to add 7 other schools to this list. Seven primary schools: The Precious Ark, Givogi, Nkoilale, St. Andrews NUU and 3 secondary schools; Karima Girls, the Kibera Girls Soccer Academy and Sapphire.At this moment you can support our next crowdfunding here.

Enrich the Living and Learning Environment of Pupils

Spring High (20 pupils)  in Amsterdam Nieuw West has started an exchange project with the Kibera Girls Soccer Academy (KGSA) in Nairobi (20 pupils). The main challenges in big cities all over the world are similar and so if pupils can exchange their thoughts, experiences, and attitudes towards thee challenges they will be able to learn a lot. The pupils are making positive changes to their learning- and living environment by a crowdfunding campaign. In the upcoming lesson block they will create a video with the theme “Nature and Me”.

Water is a Basic Need for Education

De Verwondering (primary education) (30 pupils) in Monnickendam is having an exchange project with St. Andrews in Mwingi, Kenya (100 pupils)since 2020. They have worked on two projects since then: an exhibition about each other’s schools and a crowdfunding project in order to buy a water truck. Water is the blue gold and scarce in Mwingi. More info here

Connected Schools / Partners