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This goal aims at reducing inequality within and among countries in income, age, sex, disability, ethnicity, religion or other status within a country.

This goal aims to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

This goal aims for a global partnership for sustainable development. It highlights the importance of mobilising financial resources for developing countries.

Connect. Communicate. Commit.

Together We Create Impact

By 2025 we aim to connect 80 schools in 4 continents, impacting 8.500 students. We will invest half a million euro in technology and interchange of students and teachers. World wide we will be working together with 150 volunteers.

Connected Schools

Impacted Pupils


It takes a global village to raise a 21st century child

In a globally connected world, children need digital & media skills and learn how they can cooperate to find solutions to interconnected problems. Schools can not give this type of education alone. Together with parents, local governments, and communities, MoMo reaches out to like-minded partner organisations and creates such a ‘global village’.

We connect to build relationships, understanding and compassion between people from different backgrounds.

With our Local Learning Communities (LLC´s) we create lifelong learning opportunities, working together on local community projects.

In a globalized world participation of our young citizens will help find solutions for wicked problems.

Shouldn’t all kids have the opportunity to get access to quality education, regardless of where they are born?

Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world

MoMo Method

Our 2-year educational programs connect pupils (age: 10-12, 13-15, 16-18) from different socio-economic backgrounds and help them develop skills, attitudes & knowledge for the 21st century by addressing local problems. All learners will:

• Become Engaged Thinkers: Critical thinking and problem solving, Creativity and Innovation.
• Become Ethical Citizens: Social Responsibility, Cultural, Global and Environmental Awareness, Communication.
• Develop Entrepreneurial Spirit: Digital Literacy, Lifelong Learning and Personal Management, Collaboration and Leadership.
• Get knowledge on the diversity of perspectives and realities in which people live.
• Understand how cross-cultural communication asks for open attitudes of humble inquiry without having immediate opinions and prejudice.

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Digital Educational Exchange Platform (DEEP)

IIn Kenya – just like in the Netherlands – and everywhere else in the world education innovation gives new possibilities for learners and teachers. The measures surrounding COVID have made it even clearer how important digital literacy is. However, schools and teachers in Kenya need additional support and financial resources to provide digital education. DEEP is a communication platform to easily and securely share educational information, knowledge and experiences between sister schools in Kenya and the Netherlands.
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Together with the board members and team of volunteers the future plans of the organisation will be determined through our online brainstorming sessions.

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Since 2020 MoMo partners with four different secondary schools in Kenya. Two mixed day schools in Vihiga District; Gida Gadi and Gisambai and two boarding schools in Nairobi District; the St. Elizabeth girls school and the boys school Highway. With a contribution from many, our volunteers can support the schools in enabling digital education and giving the pupils equal opportunties as their Dutch counterparts.


What Our Volunteers Say

Cilia Born
Board Member

“Inequality of opportunities is a worldwide problem. A way to challenge it, is to start a connection and a dialogue between the children of the world. The Sister School program helps children from here and there to learn with and from each other. That is why I like to contribute to Sister Schools and share my experiences as an educationalist. I truly believe that with these exchange programs we contribute to a peaceful and sustainable world.”

Monserrat Garduño
Digital Specialist (Volunteer)

“I believe that education is the key to changing the world. For this reason, I am happy to be part of one organization that believes in it and has a mission to develop 21st-century skills through the connection between kids from different countries.”

Viola Prevoo
Project Manager (Volunteer)

“I have a drive to contribute to our society. As a sinologist, I firmly believe that cultural education is the key to social equality and inclusiveness in our society. Because experiencing different cultures makes us understand and respect the different ways and needs of people across the world. I worked for the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and currently I am working as a copywriter at Osage.”

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    If it’s either your time, your expertise or some of your money. Everybody can make a difference. Giving equal education opportunities to ALL children is to be in favour of positive change.

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