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Give Kenyan kids access to digital education

Education can’t wait!

In Kenya 2 of 5 children are out of school. New analysis (June 2023) indicates 224 million children urgently need quality education support, 72 million are out of school. 

make impact!
All your donations are tax deductible, all our projects have proven impact

Become part of the Momo Movement

Dutch and Kenyan students engage in the global citizenship programme of MoMo. Dutch schools can request for subsidy on November 1st!

No matter their colour or background, every child has the right to access quality education (SDG 4). MoMo actively supports children rights and you can help!

11 Schools in Kenya received a digital classroom, 40 + teachers have been trained and almost 3000 pupils benefited from the programme.

Your donation makes a huge difference!


€ 100 delivers wifi for 1 term (4 months)

Some schools lack the means to pay the costs to connect to wifi, which are quite high in Kenya.
This is great help!

or choose a custom amount

Training & Coaching 

€ 500 delivers the means to pay the allowance for a teacher/coordinator for a whole year!

The coordinators and trainers in Kenya are local teachers and social workers giving their time and expertise to help the schools and students become digital savvy.
You are a valuable member of the MoMo Movement!

or choose a custom amount

Digital Classrooms

€ 1.500 delivers a basic computer class room

A fully equipped classroom with a set of computers, a projector, sound system and cameras for 30 students and 2 teachers (1 computer per 5 students).
The school will honour your generosity!

or choose a custom amount

School Projects

€ 2.000 delivers the means to invest in special school projects to improve the learning environment.

Many of our sister schools need an upgrade and classroom renovation. Either new furniture or a new roof. One of our schools is in need of a school bus, so that the disabled children can also go to school.Our gratitude is beyond words!

or choose a custom amount

How much would you like to donate today?

You can also directly donate and transfer money to:
Stichting Sister Schools, Bank Account: NL76ABNA0113292961
ANBI: 862345236 BIC/Swift code: ABNANL2A